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A Pymp's Paradise


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You wanna know a little somethin' something' about this Pymp...?

besides the fact that he's super sexy, way cool, and so damn loveable.  Well... what can I say?  I've got the best friends anyone could ever ask for, a cool ass roomate, a most loving Mom, and a string of bad luck that seems to keep screwing me OVER and OVER and OVER again.  Oh hell, what are you gonna do though but keep on keeping on, or so says my good friend Joe Dirt.

Ok So...

this whole web page thing is all new to me, so I'm pretty sure it looks retarded, but screw it, I'm doing my best.  Besides, half of you guys checking out this web page don't even have one of your own, or, you do, and it's just some stupid page with you dancing around in a Flinstones car to the song "I'm a Barbie Girl".  So for now, love what I got, and when I get more pics, I promise, all you dumbasses will be up at some point or another.

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